Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why do kids have to talk so much?

My brain hurts. I hear, "Mom. . . .Mom. . . .Mom" at least 89 billion times each day. Even if a child is in the room with me and we're carrying on a conversation, he or she still feels the need to say, "Mom," as if they need to get my attention for each and every statement. Sometimes I just want to yell, "Just say what you want to say already!!!" But I usually restrain myself because I have to remind myself that communication with my children is a good thing. I'm not sure you'd call what happens with my 4-year-old "communication", though. He never stops talking until his head hits the pillow, and even then, sometimes he talks in his sleep. And he has to have a response to everything. If I don't say anything after he quips, "Hey, Mom, the cat didn't scratch me when I pulled her tail this time!", he will then say, "Mom, answer me!" Umm, "OK." That's good enough for him. He just wants to know I'm listening to him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
My brain hurts.


  1. Ha! Hence the twitching I mentioned in my post the other night!! My daughter does the SAME thing!!

    The worst is: "I'm thirsty. {Pause} I'm thirsty. {Repeat}" Until I finally say, "Then get something to drink!! You can also insert thirsty with any other word.

    She also wants a response for everything, whether it requires one or not. And um, she's almost 8. So, sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't stop.

    P.s. I can't remember if you have any older kids??

    P.p.s. I just said burst your bubble but. :)

  2. That must me something with 4 year olds. I get that, too!

  3. How many times are you alone in a store or some public place and you hear that "Mom!" and startle to attention?

    Actually, my poor kids had to come up with a three-mom attack. "mom, Mom, MOM!" and on the third one I am usually shaken from concentrating on whatever I was concentrating on. Aidan developed a really good, sharp and driving version that could even startle me out of liturgy-planning or prayer-writing, or lesson-planning....whatever I was intent on at work.

  4. lol- my 4 year old is the same. Her lips are flapping if she is awake, end of story. With Genea it was the same, only she talked in her sleep as well! So it NEVER ended!

  5. Did any of you see the movie "get Smart"? The heroes all flying by on the highway hanging onto a truck or something, and this kid in a car says,"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, look!" and the mom replies sarcastically,"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, look!Do you know what you sound like??" Lol!

    Nick talks nonstop but at least he interjects some pretty funny things that keep me laughing. While driving past the MSU cows with the windows, he said, "Mom, my nose smells like a cow!!"

  6. Definitely could have written this entry myself!


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