Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ramblings of a 4-year-old

Not sure what to make of this conversation. While I was eating breakfast with my little guy, he said, "If you peeled all your skin off, you would be a skeleton." To which I responded, "Yes, I guess you would." And then he said, "And if you glued all your skin back on, you would just be our mom again."

Should I be worried about his little brain???


  1. Hmm, that could be disturbing or, depending on your perspective, it could also be the start of a brilliant career in something creative. Writing books, movies, developing video games, etc.

  2. You would also have to peel away all of your bulging muscles that you've been getting from exercising :)

  3. Funny! And kind of gross too!


  4. Jen:

    I think you have a deep thinker on your hands...which is a good thing! Don't worry at all....

    So cute...


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