Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Visit to the "Spa"

I walk in to the exquisitely decorated waiting room. Soothing music is playing in the background. The waiting area is surrounded by a glass wall. A soothing waterfall trickles down over the glass panes. I am greeted by the friendly receptionist who assures me that I don't have to sign in since she has noticed that I've arrived. The children immediately go to the mini-theater - a beautiful room with a comfy couch, velvet curtains and a plasma TV mounted on the wall. They emerge briefly to ask the receptionist to put in their favorite movie, and she happily complies.

I take a seat in the waterfall waiting room. Another plasma TV is airing a less exciting CNN. I try to decide whether I want a cup of coffee (there are 3 flavors, it's so hard to decide), a bottle of water or a juice box from the juice bar. I go with the cold water - very refreshing.

Soon, another woman comes to lead me back to my private room. She asks if I want to start with a paraffin wax hand treatment and a heated neck pillow. I hesitate. . . . ."um, sure", I reply.

Ok, thus far you have no idea where I am, correct? It sounds like a spa, right?

So here's what happens next, after I'm all cozy with my wax mittens and the heat from the neck pillow soaking into my muscles: the hygienist proceeds with scraping all the built-up tartar off my teeth, flossing in places that haven't been touched in 6 months, and giving my teeth a sound cleaning.

Yeah, this is my dentist's office - can you believe it??? It is truly a place of luxury. I'm tempted to schedule dentist appointments on a weekly basis. If they start giving massages, I'm there.


  1. I love Dr. H's too!! Also one of Nick and Owen's favorite places.

  2. I wish my dentist's office were like that!! What a great way to entice mommy's!

  3. Are you kidding me!? I would be scheduling a cleaning for every week too!! Geeeeeeeez!

  4. that is how all dentists offices should be!!

    I've heard of a new one in our area that has movies to watch and you get foot massages! Ahhh!

    The kids dentist is cool. They get to watch toons!

  5. That sounds DIVINE!! Where do we sign up?

  6. I'm enough of a puritan that I honestly wouldn't like that at ALL! Let's get down to business! All I want is a good assortment of magazines!

  7. No, you are LYING! Please tell me you are lying. Or I am going to have to start flying to Michigan for cleanings.

  8. That is AWESOME! What a wonderful idea! I can;t believe that they have a children's room!



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