Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleeping pills aren't for wimps

I have yet to meet a sleeping pill I didn't hate. Of course, I'm not exactly the connoiseur of sleeping pills, I just happen to know that every sleeping pill (and in this category, I include Benadryl and Vicodin) I've ever taken has given me a major hangover. I am still getting accustomed to my CPAP machine, so my sleep doctor recommended I take a very low dose of a prescription medication called Zolpidem, just to help me fall asleep faster with the mask on my face. I asked him if it would make me drowsy the next day or if it could possibly lead to addiction, and he gave me a resounding "No" on both counts.

Yeah, right, he's full of it. I've used it for 3 nights in a row, and every day I have awakened feeling like a zombie, and as a few little "extra"perks, it gives me a nasty headache (the kind where it feels like all the fluid in my brain has disappeared and my brain is just sitting there like a hard, heavy lump in the base of my skull), AND maybe this is just coincidence, but I have had severe anxiety dreams. Here's a sample: I'm walking through an amusement park and the rides are all about to hit me, and then I'm trying to find my husband because I don't know how to get home by myself, but I can't find him so I start yelling out for him at the top of my lungs, and the next thing I know I'm at home with a mob of neighbors at my front door threatening me with violence if I don't turn down my loud music and I still can't find my husband who has some magic combination to turn it down.

Yeah, right, no side effects, uh-huh, right.


  1. Sorry to hear Jen! I have to agree, ANY kind of sleeping med gives me a hangover. And my dreams aren't typically too savory, even without a sleeping pill! You could try taking some calcium/magnesium pills (like 3 magnesiums!) which helps me fall asleep. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Wowie! I'd forgo anything that provided those dreams!

    I've found that I am ridiculously sensitive to some meds. I was prescribed a tiny little anxiety pill to take when Lydia did her huge regional dance competitions. I was told to take 2 for anxiety. I decided to try it ahead of time, and I took just one. I was ASLEEP for 24 hours and barely cognizant for another 24! My friend who has a regular prescription for four times what my original prescription had been laughs uproariously. But I found that even one-fourth of one pill was too much! I just "scrape" one a little and get a few crumbs - enough to handle HIGH anxiety. So - try less maybe???

  3. HEY JEN stick your head out a window and look down..... see me? I am waving at you up dere!
    Sleeping, I have always had trouble, even as a kid. Sucks, cuz I really love to sleep. I tried benadryl and it helped but I drove the wrong way to work one day and realized that had to be bad. No one will give me vicodan. I dont know why. I have heard that valerian and melatonin help, but with melatonin you have to be careful if you take anti depressants. Anyway, they are supposed to be "natural".

  4. Oh my gosh Jen! That sounds terrible! I hope you get some normal sleep soon.

  5. Essie - I'll be in Green Bay on July 3 & 4 to visit my sister and celebrate the 4th. Let me know if you know of any good yard sales! :)

    We are going to my grandmothers 90th birthday for the weekend in Chicago. Forget garage sales, we could have met at Denny's!
    Most people here leave town on just about every holiday with a 3 day weekend, so I really don't know about any garage sales seriously. Our paper lists them though, Green Bay Press Gazette.
    If I was here I would let you rummage in my garage!

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