Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Still Here

I've been a slacker and I'm sorry. Well, not really (not really sorry, that is.) A few factors have contributed to this: I finished schooling the kids -yahoo! I'm a free woman! *hee hee* I guess I'm not actually "free", but from now on, I just get to be Mom, and not Teacher. I think I was pretty fried by the end of the school year, so I needed some major veg time. Enter my favorite video game - SIMS 3!!! Actually, it's the only video game play. I've been hooked on the Sims ever since the first little people started building houses, raising families and following their dreams about 10 years ago. The Sims 3 was my Christmas gift from my husband - it was due to be released sometime in February, but then the creators wanted to increase the hype, so they postponed the release until June 2. So I had to wait 6 months for my Christmas gift, and I've made up for the past 6 months in the last week and a half. I don't watch TV - except Dr. Phil during my laundry-folding time. I don't often read for fun. The Sims is my little escape, my little way to blow off steam, the place where I can create an alternate *me* and become a rock star or a world-famous author. So, it's kind of fun. Wait, that's an understatement - it rocks! But I think I'm had enough veg time. I'm back. . . .I think.


  1. That does sound fun! Welcome back though...glad to see you. I have found some video games I enjoy a lot too.

    Congratulations on finishing up school with the kiddos! I hope you all enjoy your summer!

  2. It does sound like fun...and yes, I missed you. :(


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