Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ahhh, relaxation

At this very moment, I'm sitting in a beautifully appointed sitting room - one of 4 different gorgeously decorated living rooms - in a hotel in Grand Rapids. What a nice place to relax. The breakfast room - serving a FULL hot breakfast - was flooded with sunlight, and decorated in just the way I would like a breakfast nook to be decorated, if I had one. The bed was the most comfy hotel bed I've ever slept in - very soft, and the pillows literally cradled my head. A little later, I will check out the pool, hot tub, and court yard. Of course, maybe everything seems a little heavenly because I'm on a much-anticipated getaway with my hubby. I wonder if they would just let us live here. . . . .


  1. Oh, how wonderful...yay for you and hubby! Have a wonderful getaway and enjoy every minute!

  2. Oh, I am SO glad that it's heaven!

    {Because I hate it when I go to a hotel and the bed is not wonderful, the food is not great, and the ammenities are not good}.

    Especially when you're in heaven with the hubby!

  3. Enjoy your weekend with your hubby! Enjoy, relax, and enjoy each other the whole time!!!!

  4. Have a wonderful time! Full of envy, here in Lansing. Woops! need to take the laundry out!

  5. Jen!! So glad you like the hotel!! Hope you came back refreshed and relaxed!


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