Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vain much?

So I'm back in da Yoop visiting my family. The post about the beauty and serenity will have to wait because for now I gotta tell you how vain I am. I spent the last 2 days - solid - packing for 6 people to spend 10 days at Grandma's house, which is no small undertaking, considering not only do we need clothes, but a plethora of medications, swim paraphernalia (since we're only 20 minutes from Lake Michigan), blankies, pillows, stuffed animals and snacks for the 8-hour trip, and of course, our wii. I didn't miss a thing!

When we rolled in around 12:30 last night / this morning, I grabbed the bathroom bag just so I could get in a quick toothbrushing before collapsing in to bed. (At least I didn't have to do the driving this time - I left that to my hubby, who had already put in a full workday. But it takes a lot of energy to be a backseat driver.) But the needed toiletry bag was nowhere in sight. Too tired - I did the finger toothbrush thing and figured I'd find it in the morning.

No such luck - I emptied the entire bathroom bag and could NOT find the stinkin' sack containing all my most treasured possessions - makeup, contacts, earrings, and my mini shaver. And oh, no, the tweezers just won't do the trick when it comes to my beard and mustache, but that's a topic for yet another post. I was really ticked off. How on earth did I leave that stupid thing behind??? I know, like I know, like I know I packed it!!! Hey, maybe this would be a good chance for me to work on taking vanity down a notch. I could still have a peaceful, joyful, happy vacation without having to look like a supermodel. Hah! Like that ever happens - I just wanted to look like a live human being.

Well, God saved me from humility boot camp. I eventually found my beloved toiletry bag. Maybe I should give this preoccupation with appearance a little more consideration, though. Maybe after vacation. . . .

BUT I still got a good check on my vanity after all. My husband and kids were getting ready to go to Church while I was taking a nap this afternoon. When I got up, I was very groggy and said I would make it to Mass in the morning. I also happened to notice that the jean shorts my husband was wearing looked a little funny. I had to rub more sleep out of my eyes. After an invigorating shower, I started unpacking and organizing our room. Lo and behold, my husband's jean shorts were still in the suitcase. You should have seen the mortified look on his face when, after he came back from Church, I informed him that he was wearing MY shorts!!!

Despite the hearty laugh I had, I was mildly disturbed that my hubby could fit into my clothes.


  1. Glad you found your 'vain' items! I would of been lost too without them! That is too funny about your hubby in YOUR shorts!! hee hee

    Hey I just requested you as a friend on FB too! :o)

  2. Jen - you always leave me literally laughing!

  3. OH MY HEAVENS! I cannot believe he wore your shorts! I did LOL at that one! as for the facial hair-yeah it must be removed at all times LOL!

  4. Oh girl, I feel ya. I couldn't function if I'd left all my toiletries. And makeup!? Oh my.

    I'm not EVEN gonna go near that vanity check.

    And my hubby could totally fit into my clothes too. :)

  5. I am laughing like crazy - that is the funniest post EVER! I love it! I would have a complete cow if I lost my makeup bag. I can't even make it a day without my lipgloss. I'm glad you found it. I can't believe your hubby didn't notice the shorts! I wish you had taken a picture.


  6. I can't imagine having to shave/pluck... I make appointments for WAX! My upper lip has long blond hairs in the corners of my smile... ew! They may be blond but trust me, they are shiny and noticeable if I don't have them ripped out of my face. :)


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