Friday, May 1, 2009

Please According Directions

Today is my hubby's birthday. He is just a big kid, so it's pretty easy to find a gift to make him happy. I bought him an authentic action remote control helicopter. It's not every day that you find funny material to write about in an owner's manual, but oh, my heavens! I busted a gut laughing at some of these instructions that came with the helicopter. They were obviously written and translated by someone who did not have a firm grasp on the English language. (Not trying to be culturally insensitive here: When I was in the Philippines, I used to get confused about the Filipino phrase for "Good afternoon", and instead, greet people by calling them a beautiful Japanese woman.) I just found these quite humorous.

Here are a few excerpts from the manual, which I took directly from the manual:

Please according to the manual's order to proceeding operation.

Turn on the transmitter power, the state indicator light begin to slowly twinkling.

Please choose to fly in an indoor roomily place.

Please make sure that ambiences before fly.

The fanner and air-condition cannot blowing to airplane.

The helicopter will take off difficulty or the height of fly is not enough when with weak batteries.

Do not make the helicopter crashing or serious strike from upper air.

Never throw batteries in a fire, to avoid unexpected danger.

Use a screwdriver to loosen screws on the battery case in anti-clockwise.

Finally, accompanying a picture of an adaptor that (obviously?) doesn't come with the helicopter, here is the caption: Adaptor, moreover purchase.

I hope you laugh today!


  1. I get such a chuckle out of things like this. I hope he had fun!


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