Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Out of My Blogging Mind

Seriously. I can't think of a darn thing to write about. It's not as if there's nothing going on in my life. On the contrary, there are TOO many things going on, so I can't quite grab on to one topic to write about. Do I write about ONE thing or NOTHING. . . .or EVERYTHING?

Let me give this a shot. I'm going to "categorize". That way, you can skim through and pick a topic to read about. If you read the WHOLE ENTIRE POST, I will be in awe of you.


OK, so I'm trying to get used to sounding like Darth Vader and looking like I'm in the ICU when I go to sleep at night with my CPAP mask on. (Seriously, every time I put the mask on, I feel like I'm in a soap opera and the leading man has just come in to see me lying there with this mask on, and my situation looks so grave that he gets down on his knee and declares his undying love for me. . . . .no wonder I can't get to sleep.)

I've had to exchange the mask once already because the first one I had wasn't quite working for me. The first mask consisted of "nasal pillows" that gently sat inside my nostrils. Every time I turned over, they would come loose, so I would tighten the mask until the nasal pillows were crammed so far in my nose that I could taste the plastic. And I had to try to keep my mouth closed otherwise there would escape a gushing wind. If I became especially relaxed, sometimes my cheeks would even flap in the wind. I'm very grateful that my husband never witnessed that. So now I'm using a mask that covers my nose and mouth. It works better, but I still have to get used to having something plastered to my head and forcing air into my facial orifices all night.

We bought a new bunk bed for the girls' room - remember the big makeover (how could you forget, right? since it was all I talked about for 2 weeks). Well, we discovered why the bunkbed was such a good "deal" on "clearance". It's a POS. Or else we're dorks because we didn't realize that we needed a "bunk board" under the top mattress. The two other sets of bunk beds we have do NOT require bunk boards, so we had no clue that we would need such a thing, and the "helpful" salesman at the furniture store neglected to inform us that we would need one. I think he left out that tidbit because we told him we didn't want to pay his store's price for a mattress and we would procure one elsewhere.

Once we got the beds home and assembled, after much blood, sweat, and tears (and I'm not simply using this as a figure of speech - there was literally blood, sweat and tears involved in the process), I got up on the top bunk to make Joy's bed. I was slightly unnerved by the creaking involved whenever I changed position. When I was in one corner of the bed, trying to tuck the sheets in, a whole chunk of wood cracked and gave way - nice, huh? Not to mention the damage it did to my ego.

So a neighbor came over and loaned us his expertise and his circular saw. We were getting rid of a homemade toy cabinet, and he suggested we cut it apart and use it as a bunk board. Great idea! So, he and Al did just that, but the bed still bowed quite a bit when anyone was on it. So FINALLY, this weekend, we got a REAL bunk board to put across the entire bed. Whew! It only took a week to get this done, but for me, the perfectionist, it seemed like an eternity.

(I know it's not grammatically correct, but it rhymes)

I am so far behind on laundry. One of my children had the audacity to TELL me: "Mom, you never do laundry." Although she was slightly accurate, I don't think she should have said that to me because 1) It was disrespectful and 2) It made me mad.

And I can't understand WHY my children seem to lack the either the mental capacity to remember OR the physical capacity to do (or both) simple things like: put clothes in the hamper after they take them off, hang towels back on the racks after they're done using them, put away a toy when they're finished playing, put food back in the refrigerator after they're done eating, etc. I mean, I have really SMART kids, but when it comes to common sense, they're blockheads.

It's June - that is just stinkin' amazing! June makes me want to do 3 things: 1) Have a yard sale! 2) GO to many yard sales! 3) Go on vacation!
Well, I think I will try to squeeze a yard sale into the schedule because there is a lot I need to get rid of. For someone who hates clutter, I sure have a lot of it in my house. And since we decided not to homeschool any more, I have lots of homeschool stuff I can sell. As far as vacation, it will be a simple trip up to the UP (Northern Michigan) again. While we'd like to do something a little more exciting, relaxing in the wilderness of the Yoop will have to do for now. (Our BIG vacation this year will be at Christmas time when we spend 2 weeks in Florida.) My little sis has a week off, so we'll head to Packer-land and hang out with her and hopefully hit some yard sales there, too. See, I killed two birds with one stone, aren't you proud of me?
Also, my hubby and I are going to have a getaway - just the two of us - before we go up north. There's a huge Christian music festival called The Big Ticket Festival, and my favorite band - Third Day - is playing. It's a few hours from here, so we're going to go for the weekend - yahoo!

Joanie is a girl who has been babysitting for us since Hope was born. She started out as a mom's helper - she would come once a week and play with Hope while I got things done. Then she moved up to babysitting, and she has even come on a number of vacations with us - she was camping with us when she turned 16! She's like a member of our family. We kind of hope that Joanie will wait for Evan to grow up and then she can marry him and she can be our daughter-in-law, but I guess there IS quite an age difference. (Speaking of which, did you ever watch a Disney movie and think one of the main characters was cute? This is mildly unsettling for me since these kids - Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu - were in diapers when I was graduating from high school).
Anyway, Joanie lives right in town, but she is coming to stay with us for 2 weeks - we had invited her to live with us for the summer, but that didn't work so the 2-week thing will have to suffice. At the end of the summer, she will be leaving for the Franciscan University of Steubenville - yeah for her, boohoo for us! We will miss her like she's our own daughter. BUT, while she's here, she is going to help me with my yard sale AND watch the kids while we have our weekend getaway.
OK, so I guess I came up with a few things to write about.
I hope all of you out there in blogdom have been captivated by the adventure that is my life. (But I doubt it.)

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  1. Be in awe, Jen. Read the whole blog PLUS enjoyed it all, esp. the tips for the post above. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and I LOVE the new paint job in the girls' room. Love it.


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