Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things No Mother Should Ever Have to See

So we started clearing out the girls' room in order to start the big makeover.

First it was all the toys. Have I mentioned I hate clutter??? Well, children are the top producers of clutter. So, it's not just the Polly Pocket box. It's every stinkin' little piece of Polly Pocket's clothing, down to her 1/8"long shoes, most of which, by the way, were NOT in the box. Disassembled pieces of Polly P's cruise ship furniture. Polly's accessories - purses, hats, cell phone, etc. Oh, yes, I had the kids do the toy clean up, but those are the things that I found under the beds and stuffed in corners. Apparently Polly is pretty scatterbrained because she keeps leaving stuff lying all over the girls' room.

Ok, so after the toys, then there was junk - candy wrappers, wads of gum stuck on the back of beds, shreds of paper from journals, rubber bands, paper clips, scissors, markers, pencils, and on and on and on. What on earth???

Then we started moving furniture and discovered the truly gruesome. I found a dried up strawberry with nice dried up mold still stuck to it. It left a nice strawberry stain on the carpet. A dried up carrot. Months-old stinky underwear. Gobs and gobs of hairy dust. Does anyone know if that statistic is actually true? That 85% of household dust is dead skin cells? Ewwww. And boogers. I'm embarrassed to say that my children have indeed wiped boogers on the walls, and do you know what? It's really hard to scrape dried boogers off the wall. And yeah, I wanted to get them off so there wouldn't be little booger-shaped clumps under the new paint. The ballerina carpet has one corner that I believe the cats have used for an alternate litter box - I highly doubt I'll be getting much for that at my yard sale. And when I stand over the vent in my girls' room, I can smell the faint odor of pee wafting up from the innards of the house. . . .I don't even want to know.

How can such sweet little creatures as girls create such disgusting messes? My poor husband is totally disillusioned about little girls. Where are the sweet-as-sugar, pig-tail wearing, innocent-grinning little cherubs he thought he was getting? They turned out to be burping, farting, booger-wiping, stinky-footed creatures.

I'm hoping to do a thorough carpet cleaning after the painting is done. And the paint we chose is Dutch Boy "Refresh", which is supposed to have odor control. Cool huh?

I hope it works.


  1. Thanks for stopping by earlier and for your kind words. I am now back up to normal and we are finishing off our school year...sorta. lol

    Oh I know what you are talking about. I have found those same thinkgs in my kids rooms. I found that when we got a Lab, almost three years ago now, that she helped alot with getting rid of toys and some of the clutter. I am with you, clutter drives me crazy. Labs chew from any where from 2 to 3 years of age. I told everyone to put their things away if they wanted to keep them. Rule is, that if the dog chews it, it goes in the trash. Oh the things I have felt free to throw away. Whoo Hoo. I think it has even helped the kids. They hit the play room Friday(I told them they were on school break for the next two weeks, can't ask me for help on any school work. I was tired of hearing one say she had more work to do than some of her younger siblings.Not a problem, the others will plow through their work with minimul help. No school work, I want you all to start down stairs cleaning and getting rid of things. Then it is on too your rooms, I don't want to see clothes all over the place, they will be folded and in your drawers, too small, then they go in the boxes labled for that size to be passed on to the next one who can use it. Stains, rips and hole go in the trash. Oh I am so looking forward to this and I know that before the two weeks are up they will be begging to do school work.) LOL

  2. Where are the pictures??? =)

  3. I'm sorry... this was too funny!!!

  4. Do yourself this one favor. Never take a black light to your carpeting. One day, every rug that wasnt nailed down went out to the trash. Immediately. Ooooh sooooo vile.
    Precious little sweethearts indeed!

  5. What color is the paint? Can you post a sample of it? Or I guess I can just wait until you post pics of the finished product - if only I had more patience :)

  6. This all rings true.


  7. Ha - you crack me up! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! My kids are just as disgusting. And I feel your pain about the polly pockets - we have those plus a gazillion Littlest Petshops!

    Good luck with the room re-do!



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