Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Techno Dork

OK, so I really am a dork when it comes to internet technology. I was moving a few things around on my blog layout when I lost my "cutest blog on the block" background. I double-checked and the HTML code was still there, but the background isn't showing. Weird.

So, would any of you be willing to answer some of my tech-ignoramus questions?

One: In the basic Blogger layouts, there is a small variety, but from what I can see, you can only choose a layout that has the sidebar on the right OR the left, but not both. But, when I visit many of your lovely sites, I see you have 2 sidebars -stuff on the right AND on the left. How did you do that???

Two: How do you make a button?

Three: How do you create your own page elements? I know there are a TON of page elements out there that aren't standard Blogger elements. (Stuff like, cool flourishes behind your Title? or cartooned people? or cool little doo-hickeys to highlight your sidebar stuff) Do you ALL know HTML??? Or do you have someone else design your blog for you? BTW, I am still mystified as to how typing in a bunch of words and characters can result in cool blog designs. I know the very BASIC html trick to make a link or get someone else's button, but that's IT!

If anyone is willing to help me out of my unblissful obliviousness, I would greatly appreciate it. After all, "We're all in this together!" (Damn that High School Musical!)


  1. oOOH me me I know one!
    To get the cool little thingy jobs on the side bar, go into layout. Then in layout where your sidebar is, should be a link that says "add a gadget". Click on that and you will be in google gadget heaven. Incidentally I have found that at least half the ones I have tried either don't work or have a video ad first. Or they are so loaded they slow the page.
    You probably knew this and I misunderstood the question.

  2. It is amazing that I can even check email, I am so computer-challenged! This is why I hired someone to do the blog makeover for me ;) I would love to know for myself (especially making a button) though I doubt I could ever understand it well enough to put it to use :)

  3. It is amazing that I can even check my email, I am so computer illiterate! This is why I had someone else make over my blog for me. But I'd still love to know the answers to your questions (specifically about making a blog button!). Though I doubt I could understand well enough to actually put it to use! :)

  4. Wish I could help - But I am in your shoes as well :)

  5. Okay, so I don't have all the answers but I do know that you can get a three column layout (two sidebars, one on each side). There are instructions on how to do this on 'the cutest blog on the block' or you can google to get instructions. HOWEVER, make sure you follow the instructions exactly. I left out one tiny little comma and it took me two hours to figure out what was wrong. :) Some of the other stuff you need photoshop for or you could pay to have someone create. I hope this helps ;)

  6. leaving this comment will give you my email, i know some stuff and design my own backgrounds so i might be able to help.

    to have sidebars on both sides you need a 3 column layout. there are lots of free 3 column ones but you cant get that on CBOTB since they only design pictures as backgrounds, not actual templates.

    making a button is pretty easy too but would be a long comment. email me and i can help with that if you would like.

    as for the background not showing up but still being there on the sidebar, the easiest thing to do is just delete the one you have and reload it again.


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