Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lessons I Learned From Doing a Room Makeover

If you haven't seen the finished makeover, click HERE.

I spent two solid weeks working on the girls' bedroom makeover. And that was actual painting, moving, creating, designing, etc. Before that, I spent countless hours dreaming and scheming. (Of course, the dreaming was all done while I was awake since I can't sleep when I have a big project in front of me and I can't stop thinking about the details.)

Here are some lessons I learned along the way.

1. It's amazing what you can do if you neglect your children for two weeks put your mind to it.

2. When using a hot glue gun while sitting on the floor, you need to vigilantly remember where the hot glue gun is so that you don't sit on it.

3. It hurts when you sit on a hot glue gun.

4. Giant plastic dropcloths are awesome for covering up all the furniture that you don't want to drip paint on.

5. It is necessary to use masking tape at least 2" wide to protect all baseboards, window and door frames.

6. It doesn't matter how big the drop cloth is or how much 2" masking tape you use, you will still get paint somewhere that you didn't intend to get it.

7. "Accidentally" getting paint on a piece of your daughter's clothing that you really hate is a good excuse to throw that piece of clothing away.

8. You will get more paint on your body than on the actual walls. (At a certain point, I seriously considered covering myself in paint and rolling myself on the walls because I think it may have been more efficient. I can definitely cover more surface area than a pathetic little roller.)

9. It's good to reward yourself with a cold drink, such as Mike's Hard Lemonade or some other drink that children aren't allowed to have, when the project is finished.

10. Mike's Hard Lemonade gives me a stomach ache and a headache (darn it!)


  1. What a darling room....I LOVE the paint color. I am actually getting a blog makeover and I picked Tiffany Blue as one of my colors.

    The chest of drawers came out so cute.

    I love to paint furniture, lamps and frames and give them a makeover....so fun!!!!

  2. Very funny post! I also went at looked at the pic's of your room redo, I loved the dresser and the lamp, very fun! :)

  3. GREAT point about those puney rollers! And after the painting I did last summer, I still say that all the taping and prep work is the worst, most tedious part.

  4. Well, if it helps...I love the room and I didn't see any paint where it wasn't supposed to be. And I also don't care for hot glue guns!


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