Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writer's Workshop - February Photo

I've been wanting to do this for a while, so I'm finally picking a topic from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Head on over to her site if you want to pick up a fun writing assignment.

The assignment I chose: Open your pictures folder, pick a random February picture and write about it. Well, Mama Kat said to write a story, so I don't know if that means to write a fictional story about the photo, or just to write about the photo. I guess I'll use my creative license and do what I want with it!

When I first had children, the occasional well-meaning, more "experienced" mom would say to me, "Cherish this time because it goes by so fast." I knew in my head that this was probably true, but now that I no longer have any babies in my home, I have much deeper, more nostalgic experience of what those older moms meant.

If you don't know me, you might assume that my children are all grown up and married and having babies of their own. Not so - my oldest is only 10, going on 11, and my baby boy (who hadn't arrived in our family yet when this photo was taken) is 5 years old. Nonetheless, I have very real pangs of longing when I look at a picture like this and reminisce about my children's babyhood. Aren't they darling? (I can't help it if I'm biased.)

The saddest part about looking back at these tender times is that I was often so overwhelmed that I didn't enjoy them as much as I could have. What I wouldn't do to hold a chubby little baby in my arms again! (And I think we can agree that it's pretty fun to do what it takes to get a little baby in your arms, but that is a topic for another day.) I even told myself that those days wouldn't last forever, but it didn't always help me to weather the tough moments of having three babies under the age of 3.

My children are now older. I am certainly much wiser. I'm ready to have another baby. . .. once I get my allergies, depression, cholesterol and fatigue under control. My husband? Not so ready. Once I get into full health again, he wants his wife to stick around for a while and not this tired and cranky mom that's been hanging around for too long.

I know I will grieve deeply if the day ever comes when another baby is an absolute impossibility. For now, I pray that God will soften my husband's heart and make me healthy enough to have at least one more child.

Until then, I'll have to be content with remembering my precious babies through the wonder of digital photography, cherishing the present, and holding other people's babies as often as I can.


  1. That is a beautiful picture! I love it. We'll have to come visit sometime, you can hold our chubby Bubby!

    And don't forget...there will be lots of grandkids someday, God willing!

  2. Cute picture! Welcome to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop--I love participating in it. This week there were so many good prompts that I'm doing four! One I'll link up later this evening.

  3. What a cute picture!
    Each stage is special. I, personally, did not love the baby stage. My favorite stage is the teenage years. LOVE it! So who may love the next stage as much or more than the last.

    I loved reading about your love of sweet, innocent babies and what you learned!

  4. As one who knows you in person, I have two thoughts: one, your children ARE absolutely the most ADORABLE children!!! This is NOT a fluke photo. Cute. Precious, darling, person as well as in photos.

    Secondly, you never - ever - have come across as not having it all together. So, relax in knowing you fake it well!

  5. Precious. I needed to read this - my three are ages 5, almost 3 and 19 months. I am constantly overwhelmed and in "survival mode" but deep down, I know I will miss the koala bear hold my babies have provided me with. It does go so fast.

    My hubby had a snip-snip and it made me sad. I wanted one more. I think we always do. I just had to pray that God would make our family just how it was supposed to be and I know He has. Best wishes to you with your health.


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