Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day - The Friend Makin' Monday Question

The fabulous Amber is once again hosting Friend Makin' Monday. Her topic of the week is how we celebrated Valentine's Day.

Well, my previous post dealt with the special-ness of Valentine's Day for me and my hubby, so go and read it!!! But as far as doing anything special, we didn't. We hardly ever celebrate Valentine's day with a big to-do. We're usually too broke.

However, we do have one tradition that we started with our children when they were very little. Our ideal is that our children will wait until they are ready for marriage to pursue any kind of romantic relationships. Yes, it's a high ideal, but we've been teaching them about the purpose of romance and marriage since they were very small. And we happen to be blessed with a peer group that supports this idea of courtship - that romantic relating should be strictly reserved for finding a suitable marriage partner. In other words, no dating until you're ready for marriage! Yes, indeed, some people have responded to us like we're lunatics, but I'd rather communicate this as the ideal rather than letting my kids get romantically (and otherwise) involved when they're too young.

OK, so what does that have to do with Valentine's Day? When our oldest was still a toddler, we decided we would go out for ice cream with our kids on Valentine's Day. We'd like them to have the vision that we spend Valentine's Day together as a family and that they will have something other than romance to look forward to each February 14. And of course, ice cream on Valentine's Day is significant for my husband and me, if you go back and read my previous post (yes, that was another hint).

However, this year, the children were all sick with different levels of colds, so I bought ice cream and toppings and we made sundaes at home. That was just as much fun as going out!

My hubby and I discreetly exchanged Valentine cards - I can't let the holiday go by without acknowledging that he won my heart on Valentine's Day so many years ago!


  1. I just think it is so sweet that you celebrate a special anniversary on Valentine's Day.

    And I don't think your ideals for your children are too lofty at all. I think they are wonderful!

  2. we are usually broke too. I have been telling my kids since birth (lol) that they can't date until they are 18 and out of high school. Obviously I hope they never have any romantic relationships until they are ready for marriage but I don't know if they will listen. But as long as they live at home I can try my best to prevent it.

  3. Happy FMM! I am with you about courtship and not dating until one is ready for marriage. I love your family tradition for the holiday and will be more deliberate with my kids too, so they know we are their Valentine until they're ready for the next phase Miki

  4. Ice cream sundae's sound so yummy!! Great Idea!!

    Your concept of romance is rather old fashioned -- but I think it's wonderful. Our children (just like ourselves) are exposed to so many outside infuences these days...I think it's wonderful that you have taken steps to insure their romantic safety.

    Maybe we all need a little old fashioned love and example.

    I watch 18 kids and counting -- they have that same belief.

    Good Luck and Happy FMM!

  5. Happy FMM! Sounds like you had a fun time with your family!!


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