Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, Part 2

If you read yesterday's post entitled What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, you may have imagined me climbing the ladder of fame with blood, sweat and tears because I said I wanted to sing, dance, or be a public speaker. Now, I really hope that you "get" me: Those are not really things I'm going to do, nor do I adhere to any fantasy otherwise. It was just my childish list of things I've dreamed of doing. Sure, maybe I'll sing in front of a group someday, but I'm not going to become a professional singer. And maybe I'll do some public speaking, but I don't think I'll travel the country being a motivational speaker. And as far as dancing, have you read any of my recent posts about getting older? I kind of doubt the spare tire would allow me to do anything except the polka at some relative's wedding.

So, let me muse a little more seriously here about things I could possibly do.

My kids had a snow day yesterday, so I set up a "spa" day for them. I created 4 stations for them to visit. One was a heated foot bath, one was a heating pad with a back scratcher and one was a shiatsu massager. The 4th station was a blanket on the floor, where each of my children took turns relaxing while I massaged them with mint-scented lotion. I put on a CD of Ocean Sounds: whales, pounding surf, foghorns, etc. Then it occurred to me: without having to invest my life in another college degree, I could actually become a massage therapist. I think I would like that. But I have a friend who does this and she said it's a lot of work and long, exhausting hours. Hmm, not liking the sound of that, but maybe I'll put that idea on the back burner.

Here are some other realistic ideas I've had:

I wouldn't mind cleaning other people's houses. But I'd have to come up with a catchy slogan like, "I can't keep my own house clean, but I'll clean yours if you pay me."

I think it would be fun to do a side business of baking cookies and cupcakes for kids' birthday parties and school functions. Forget decorating, though, because every time I try to decorate a cake, it ends up looking like it got run over by a tricycle.

If I ever had the gumption to start a business outside my home, I would start a drive-through coffee shop. There is a little business at the end of our street that pretty much changes hands yearly, so maybe one of these years, I can buy it and convert it into Jen's Java Hut: Drivethrough only! I figure I can get the attention of many Capitol Commuters since we live just off a main thoroughfare heading straight to downtown Lansing.

If I had to work retail, Kohls would be my number one choice. It would be my only choice, actually. I love that store like it was my own: all other department stores pale in comparison. However, if I worked there, I'm quite sure I would regularly take advantage of their fabulous sales and the accompanying employee discount so that I would never really make enough money to do anything but fill my car with gas to get to and from work.

My final, yet favorite, idea is to be a Blogger. Yes, I'm already blogging, but I'm talking about the kind of blogger that makes more than $17.52 per year in ads. Maybe some really cool organization needs a blogger and fate is just waiting for the right time to bring us together.

I don't have to make any major decisions yet. Hopefully I won't need to seriously think about this for at least a few years (20 years would be preferable, but my hubby seems to think I won't make much if I start working when I'm 60 and then retire when I'm 65 - he's such a pessimist). In the meantime, I'll keep sitting here in my cozy house, dreaming and blogging away.

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  1. Yep, I would buy your cookies, drink your coffee and watch you dance and sing.

    I think you need to explore consulting. Maybe product and service review!

  2. Hey Jen, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Normally the cookies would have won it for me too, but I am reading this book called Lose It For Life and it has helped me so much! Your spa day with the kids sounded like so much fun too! And... Love your catchy slogan for your maybe one day cleaning business! LOL

  3. Hey...."pessimist"?!!
    I'd try to change your mind about that, but I doubt I'd get anywhere, so I guess I won't even try ;)


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