Friday, February 5, 2010

All right. I know that I seem to "complain" a lot. But I'm going for comedic catharsis when I list my many ailments and tell you how sorry you should feel for me. Seriously, I'm ok, just a little frustrated. And yes, occasionally I'm depressed, but I'll tell you if I am. After my post yesterday, I got a little too much sympathy and not many laughs. Must be losing my edge.

I did actually get that pain checked out because my husband had an appointment and didn't really want to go, so I just took his. And guess what??? I was right. It is most likely a pulled muscle, and although my doc didn't acknowledge that it was the rectus abdominus muscle, I'm pretty sure it was. He probably didn't want me to know I was right lest I develop a regimen of regularly diagnosing myself online.

Our doctor also happens to be a good friend from college. He and I did campus evangelism together, and he and my hubby were room-mates. He is the godfather of one of our children, and all his children and ours are good friends. So, it's just a little awkward when I have to disrobe in any fashion. He had to feel my belly and make me sit up so my lovely rolls spilled all over. To me, that's far more embarrassing than any other area that he might have to investigate. But he is a very good doctor and we trust him implicitly.

And, well, it did give me the motivation to do some crunches. . . . once that muscle heals.


  1. That would be awkward having a friend for your doctor...I give you props for that! Hope the pulled muscle is better soon.

    I don't think you're complaining, just venting. I've been doing a fair share of that on my own blog lately!

    And I never miss your humor, even if I don't comment on it!

    Love ya..have a great weekend!

  2. I could never be friends with my doctor - you are one brave woman!


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