Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, Part 3

So, this is turning into a series that has really got me thinking, and that is a good thing (I think). If you haven't read my other 2 posts on this topic, please click these links for the backstory.

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It's funny because I am finding myself thinking more and more about what I could possibly do as a job. I don't want a "career"; I never really did. I am just musing about the types of jobs I could envision doing in order to help my hubby pay the bills and not hate the job while I'm doing it. So, since I started this series (not knowing it was going to turn into a series), my imagination has been switched on.

Here are some more "would-like-to's":

I could totally see myself as a coffee taster. Wouldn't that be awesome? You walk into the office, grab a cup of coffee, and then just sit down and drink it. Then, you head back for some more - a different variety, and you drink that too. Coffee isn't just a tool to help you become productive. It is the work and focus of the company to make good coffee and someone has to taste it to make sure it is drinkworthy. Someone, somewhere must have that pleasure, that privilege because I've drank a lot of coffee, and there are a LOT of varieties of coffee, and I'm sure at some point, someone has to taste the various blends of flavors to see if they work well with each other and if they work well with coffee. I would like to hereby place myself on the hiring list for such a company. Guess I should figure out if such a place exists any place closer than the mountains of Columbia.

While I served at my children's school the other day, I really enjoyed my time there with all the children. I just enjoyed being in the environment. I realized that, if given time, I could actually heal from the burn-out that I've had with kids and could possibly see spending time with them in the context of school. I'm not saying I want to be a teacher; a substitute teacher, maybe. Or just be involved in what it takes to keep the school running efficiently. Or I could be involved in special projects with the kids. The kids in my children's school need encouragement and they need to feel important, as all kids do. I would love to be in a position to be able to help these kids uncover their potential and recognize their self-worth. Sounds like my best bet would be to approach the principal and tell him straightforward that I'd like to work for the school and I'm willing to do any job that keeps the school running. Of course, then he might make me the custodian! But hey, I've cleaned toilets before, and you can have conversations with kids on their bathroom breaks. . . . Maybe I'd better be a little more clear about the type of work I'd want to do.

Another idea: I could create greeting cards. I'm fairly good at coming up with something touching to say in a certain situation. I'm not an artist, but I like crafty cards - stamps and glue and ribbon and all that glitzy stuff. I wouldn't dream of creating a greeting card company, but maybe I could sell cards door to door, you know like the girls scouts sell their cookies. Everyone loves girl scout cookies. Or I could just let people know I have this business and they contact me, telling me what they need, and I can get it to them in 24 hours, like the fedex of greeting cards: "When it absolutely has to be there overnight."

And ANOTHER THING! (ha - sounded like I was mad, didn't I?) I've wondered what it would take to become a web designer. . . .or at least a blog designer. I don't know the first thing about HTML, so I'd obviously have to have some education. But I love the idea of being able to use my computer - my beloved, gorgeous Asus - to do something I think I would really enjoy.

Now, in all seriousness, I would appreciate feedback, not about the actual ideas, but about your ability to comprehend this post. Because I took a mild sleep aid just before I started writing this, and now it's pretty potent. . . .so I'd better be going. I think I'm fixing my mistakes, but I feel like I'm typing like a drunk, so I hope it doesn't LOOK like I'm typing that way. Good night.


  1. So, you have no interest in working in the field of religious

    I might be getting a complex over that.

  2. you have so many options! look at you!

    i sometimes think through things like that but my list isn't very long or interesting. i MAINLY would like to be a stay at home wife {yes wife, I have no kids} THAT way i could do EVERYTHING :)


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