Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Laptop

I love my laptop. It's nothing special as far as laptops go. It's a used IBM Thinkpad that my husband gave me for my birthday in January. And yes, I actually asked for it. My husband is a true computer geek. I knew that no sooner had the words left my lips than it was a done deed. But I acted surprised anyway.

What I appreciate is that it has re-awakened my "inner writer". As a teenager, I used to write all the time. Except back then, it was really sappy poetry, mostly about unrequited love. Here is a sample from "the early years":
So very many lonely nights
I have sat alone and cried.
Losing you makes me feel
As if a part of me has died.
Gag. Drivel. (Can you tell I was depressed even back then?) Well, in my defense, I did have one of my poems published in the prestigious "Teen" magazine.
I've also used a journal for most of my Christian life, recording prayers, Scriptures and senses from the Lord. But I'm a perfectionist (I've said that before, haven't I?), so I'm thankful the Lord had patience with me while I was correcting syntax and grammar in my heartfelt prayers.
This little piece of equipment has opened so many possibilities for me. The wonderful world of blogging. The possibility of online money-making scams, uh I mean endeavors. Hey, I can even check Facebook from the bathroom (not that I do, I just enjoy having that possibility open to me.)
Since I've gotten this laptop, I admit, I've been writing prolifically, profusely even. My children have noticed I'm spending a bit more time on the computer and they make such accusations such as, "You love that laptop more than us."

And when they say such things, I take them in my lap, hold them close, gently stroke their hair, and say,

"The truth hurts."


  1. You started my day with an out-loud laugh!!!

  2. HA HA ! Ok, are we twins or what? I asked for this here laptop for my birthday too. And since my husband is a tech o geek too, I knew it was a done deal as soon as the words left my lips. And to be honest, I may love it more than him. just being real. HA!

  3. LOL, Essie. Maybe we were twins separated at birth. . . except you're tall, dark and slender, and I'm short, used-to-be-blond and not-slender! :D

  4. Oh I love it :-) My PC died for a week a few weeks ago and Hubby floated the idea of getting a laptop - no no, said I...but the idea is creeping up on me and I like it :-) But then, seriously, I'd NEVER get anything done!


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