Saturday, April 11, 2009

Minty Fresh Feet

I would like to take this opportunity to lovingly thank my children:

For the rotten apple cores and wads of gum I find buried deep in the couch.

For the candle wax that is now a permanent part of our new carpet.

For lassoing our ceiling fan with a barrette and a string and causing it to come to a sputtering, sparking halt.

For the many food splatters on our dining room wall.

For the unidentifiable splatters elsewhere in the house.

For losing the remote control 83 billion times.

For eating all of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one sitting.

For using an entire bottle of shampoo in one shower.

For the writing on the walls. . . and cabinets. . .and stairs.

For scratching your name in the paint in the wall by your bed.

For practicing your cursive on the desks in the school room - with no paper.

For stealing my gum, my socks, and my hair clips.

For letting the upstairs sink overflow until the water streamed down the basement walls.

For pouring liquid soap into the electrical outlet.

For the chewed up pieces of our Life game and for the wrinkled Monopoly money.

For cutting a hole in our shower curtain with a pair of scissors.

For gobs of toothpaste that end up all over the bathroom, including the floor of the shower.

If I didn't have all these little messes to look forward to every day, it would only mean one thing: I wouldn't have you.


  1. I find the juxtaposition of this post with the last quite amusing. ;) (ahh, so true!)

    Also-- I have a tried-and-true method for getting wax off carpet. Cut open a brown grocery bag and lay it over the wax. Now iron it with an iron that's just warm enough to warm/melt the wax and allow the paper bag to soak it up! It works. Let me know if you try it!

  2. HAAAA! No kidding hey!
    To my girls who thought it would be cool to see how scissors work on skin and in the mouth.
    Who were curious as to how much paint they could peel off their purple wall in one sitting.
    Who leave their fetid nasty cold washcloths on the floor of the shower.
    Who think there is nothing that cannot be improved with the sound of their voices.

  3. Diane,thanks for the wax removal tip - I'll try it. And I didn't even think about the connection between the 2 posts - funny!

    Essie - maybe I should have a contest - or even start a blog that is only devoted to - the destructive power of children!!!

  4. Thanks to my darlings....

    Who carved "Mama" in the oak window trim...
    Who set off fireworks in the the middle of the night from the third floor window...
    Who stew the peels from about five oranges all over driveway and yard, with the explanation that "animals will like it"...
    Who have twice eaten up the ENTIRE box of ice cream bars before I could get one...
    Who provide me neatly folded, clean garments in the laundry basket...(Wait! I don't think you wore this!)
    Who have managed to break a basement window, a garage window, the car windshield, and the window to Maxim's bedroom in the course of four months.....
    Who think the good sheets and blankets are great for "laying out" on the garage roof!

    Yes! Life is forever changed! God love them. They teach me what is important!

  5. Ahh, I'm not the only one - sometimes I think maybe it's my lack of parenting ability, but what it really is, is that Kids Will Be Kids!


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