Monday, July 20, 2009


Someone please remind me why I wanted children so much. I mean, seriously, why was it that I pined away for a husband and babies for so long? Because if I had any foresight into the chaos that my life would become, I might have postponed the family thing for about 10, 20, or even 80 years.

Remember this post about my 4-year-old's yard sale adventures? Well, recently he also came home with a battery-operated massage pillow. No, it's not things like He-Man action figures that my little guy looks for; it's giant-sized yard decor and vibrating spa items. So this pillow was filled with miniscule little styrofoam balls. Note that I said, "was" (past tense). I think this photograph adequately explains what happened.

Now, I tend to think my children are quite intelligent; geniuses, really. But it seems their superior intellect took a summer vacation. And common sense? I'm kind of thinking that they don't even possess it. At all.

I mean, why else would they see these little styrofoam pieces coming out of the pillow, and then proceed to rip it more and more so that the little devils are released into every nook and cranny of our home? And especially after I told them to throw the stupid pillow away so that exact thing wouldn't happen?

So, now my home is infested with about 83 billion tiny little styrofoam pieces. The number 83 billion is my favorite numerical exaggeration, but in this case, I think it's no exaggeration. We have swept, we have vacuumed, we have brushed and shaken these little things off our clothing. And yet they exist. I suspect they will continue to be part of our home for many years to come, hiding in drawers, cowering in corners, and sticking to us so that no one will ever believe that our family doesn't have a serious dandruff outbreak.

Anyone out there considering starting a family? Be forewarned.


  1. HA!! Sounds like they are being good old fashioned curious :)

  2. He-he... I have a little butter dish around here somewhere filled with those. Perhaps the former orphan's sense of ownership made Zhen decide he had to SAVE those that came out of his little beanie baby (or whatever it was) and not allow them to be "wasted"....but every so often, I open a butter dish expecting - strangely, butter....and find those little white beads instead.


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