Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm sure there must be some unwritten rule: whenever you decide to wash all the snowpants, hats, mittens, and scarves, it WILL snow again! About 2 weeks ago, I put most of my children's snow clothes in the laundry bins. I decide not to wash them right away, JUST IN CASE it dared to snow again. However I am not a complete fool - I left out one pair of mittens and one hat for each child.

Yesterday, being the eternal optimist, thinking spring had indeed finally arrived and there would be NO more use for snowpants, I washed the load of winter wear. And what happened overnight??? A lovely coating of snow. And it's 20 degrees outside. On March 30.

Yes, I know March 30 isn't too late for snow. And don't ask me silly questions like "Did you check the forecast?" Of course I did (not)! I just happen to have an internal barometer and I could sense that spring had really arrived.

Maybe my barometer is broken.


  1. Thanks for coming and saying HI!

  2. Thanks for coming and saying HI!

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  4. Hey wait a minute- it snowed here too. Are you telling me you set the whole thing off? BAH!


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