Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Love My Bed

I love my bed. Way too much!

I am a firm believer that we, as mammals, still have the hibernation instinct. But our crazy society makes us get up and get out and be productive anyway. This is very hard for me.

My husband bought us a Sleep Number bed about 5 years ago. He is quite frugal, but he will invest in a quality item if he thinks it's worth it. In his mind, a good night's sleep is crucial to health and productivity. So we bought one and we have never regretted it. Well, except for the fact that I never want to get out of it now.

We also have an electric blanket, which is pretty much on continually during the winter. The kids often sneak up there for a little respite during the day. To top it off, our room is tiny, so it really feels like a little cozy cave - complete with a TV, of course. All I need now is a coffee maker and refrigerator and I'd be all set.

Oh, the woes of being human. Oh, the pain of getting out of my warm and snug cocoon. Oh, the pain of the ice cold floor on my poor little toes.

You know, I'm thinkin' here. . . .kids need an occasional change of scenery to help them stay alert. They need some variety in their school day to make learning fun.

"HEY KIDS! We're having school in my bed today!"


  1. I think I know what you are doing for Lent! You are letting people rate your blog. I'm discovering so many things we have in common, but the enjoyment of critique is NOT one of them!

    But I did think this was very funny. :) On one hand I can relate - on the other, I have to get up at 3:30 every morning....oh, maybe that is WHY I relate. I NEVER want to leave that bed!

  2. You're my most frequent "commenter", Annie. I wouldn't mind more feedback. I'm surprised you have time to read and write what you do!

  3. And it's funny - I just happened to find the blog ratings when I was poking around the settings. :)


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