Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Lying in bed with a migraine, having my family and friends wait on me hand and foot, led me to think seriously about one thing: if I'm ever bed-ridden, unconscious for several days, or in a coma, I really hope someone will pluck my facial hair. Good grief, I emerged from my migraine with a veritable beard. Uggh.


  1. Bwahh ha ha! I will do it for you but I need a deal. You gotta pluck my eyebrows. If you get there late they will look like part of my hairline. Do what you gotta do!

  2. Essie and Jen....two of my favorite bloggers - FOUND each other!

    I feel like both of you are my naughty pleasure. My new questions for myself include, "Is sarcasm a sin?" "Can a holy person be sarcastic?" "Was Jesus ever sarcastic?" Well...OK... "Was MOSES ever sarcastic?"

  3. Well, Annie, I really hope that sarcasm isn't a sin, because I can be quite so at times! I'm trying to let more of it come out HERE and use less of it in my daily life. :)


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