Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm in my bed again

How can I be a productive human being? It's raining outside and I've been coldcocked by Daylight Savings Time. And my bed is so warm and cozy (we've covered this before). I should take a picture and post it here so you can see for yourself why I just can't stay away.

I really have to start exercising. But I'm always too tired. The experts say it is supposed to energize me, but they haven't met ME. I might be the ONE person in the known universe that defies the law of "exercising-gives-you-energy". I tried this once, not too long ago - I managed to get some exercise every day for 5 days, and then I had to sleep the entire weekend because I was so exhausted. And I did the 30 minute brisk-walk or 20-minute continuous swim each day. I should have felt better, right? That was about 5 months ago, and I haven't tried it again since.

But I really should get back to it. I know it. I have a little weight to lose (a little, ha! My spare tire is more like a stack of Michelins - heck, I just look like the Michelin man!) And exercising is good for my heart. And it definitely helps with depression.

I just wish Mother Nature weren't so cruel in making these cold, rainy days that make me want to hibernate again. And I wish Americans weren't so arrogant as to use Daylight Savings Time to control a natural phenomenon - sunrise, sunset, just get used to it, people!

Anyway, I have enjoyed this little rant during my mid-day bed-time break. It's time to get up and be productive again. The kids need educating and the house needs cleaning, etc. etc. etc.

Time for a pot of coffee.


  1. LOL that is so funny, sounds like something would say... excercise probably won't work for me, just look at all the evidence! I tried yoga earlier this year, turns out thats a lot of work too. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Are you in the solid MI now or still up der in de yoop?

  2. Jen - you are so funny!

    I found the same false advertising about exercising and PMS. I'd be REALLY, REALLY upset and cross, and think "OK, I'll go walk it off! And I'd start walking and thinking, and more briskly walking and interiorly raving, and then I'd find myself running and arriving back at the house with a head full of steam - ready to take them all on!!!! It was HORRIBLE. Hot bath. Nap. Now THAT works.


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