Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've fallen off the blogging wagon again. Someone please stage an intervention.

Somewhere between having mono for the first chunk of 2010, and then getting a very weird abdominal virus, and then spring cleaning, and then applying for a job, I've been kind of busy.

You heard me right: I applied for a job. ME. The one who, six months ago, never wanted to work outside the home again. But God must have been working on my heart when I wrote the What I Want to Be When I Grow Up series.

My kids go to an awesome school. I love the staff, I enjoy the kids, and I appreciate the educational philosophy. It wasn't long after my kids starting attending school there that I thought, "hey, this might be a nice place to work." Just in case, you haven't heard this before, I am a perfectionist. What this means, in terms of working, is that I want to do something that is meaningful and fulfilling. I realize that it is OK just to work to pay the bills, but I would like to "make a difference".

I started volunteering in my kids' classrooms after Christmas, and I've really enjoyed getting to know their classmates. During this time, I've had a deepening desire to reach out to these kids.

About two months ago, the school's registrar left. Her open seat sparked my curiosity, "Could I do this job?" I went online and looked at the listing. The responsibilities are quite extensive AND the job goes through the summer. No way. It would be too hard to work year-round with my kids at home for the summer. However, I decided to talk to the principal anyway, and he encouraged me to apply. He told me that the current office administrator would most likely move into the registrar position and then the office administrator position would be open. That job is not year-round and the duties would probably be a bit more manageable for me. And the principal told me that whomever fills the OA position would need to be incredibly organized. To which I responded, "I'm kind of obsessive about organization", which is way too true: yesterday, as I cleaned out my linen closet, not only did I label the shelves with twin, queen, bath towels, etc., but I also considered folding fitted sheets differently than the flat sheets so that I could tell them apart at first glance. (I will not admit whether or not I actually did that.) I purposely did not mention the fact that my house most often looks like it's in the midst of an earthquake, because that is only because I live with 5 other people who, let's just say, are NOT obsessively organized.

Sooooo, I applied and I've had a phone screening so far. Now I'm waiting (quite impatiently, I might add) for the next phase, if I make the cut.

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