Monday, March 29, 2010


I have the Eppstein-Barr virus. Like positive is "equal to or greater than" 1.10 and my number is 7.84. I don't know if that's impressive or not, but it sounds high to me. The problem is that I'm trying to read a lab report and waiting for a call back from my doctor's office. I know it's positive, but I'm waiting for reassuring words, like "the worst is over", and "you'll be back to normal in no time." But, for those of you who don't know what the Eppstein-Barr virus is, it's the "mono" virus. Yes, the "kissing disease." And mono ain't no 24-hour virus. That sucker hangs on for weeks, months or even years, according to some websites. And because I am still waiting for a call from my doc's office (have I mentioned that already?), I've been surfing the web, trying to find out as much as I can about Eppstein-Barr. I've discovered some pretty unsettling things; things like, Eppstein-Barr is also associated with some kinds of lymphoma. But also, interestingly, Eppstein-Barr is also suspected in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which would make a lot of sense for me.

So, once again, I'm not thinking a lot about blogging these days. I think I will give my doctor a call at home tomorrow - that's the beauty of your doc being a close personal friend - I know his unlisted number and I know where he lives (evil laugh. . . .).

Until then I will try not to let my imagination run wild.

I'm glad I have Xanax.


  1. Feel better! So so sorry to hear that you are sick.


  2. Oh no! I hope the worst really is over!

  3. Sorry you're sick friend! Get some rest...hope you feel better soon.

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  5. I hope it's not too bad & doesn't hang on too long!

  6. good blog :) more info on the mono virus at if required


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