Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meandering Thoughts and Questions

My two older daughters have blogs on my Blogger account. I love that they love to write, but I'm starting to share more personal information on this blog that I don't necessarily want them to read. They are aware of some of my struggles, but it's probably not good for them to know every last ugly detail. However, since they use my Blogger account, they have access to my blog on a regular basis. Also, their blogs are private, so only invited readers can access their blogs. So far, it's just my husband and myself who are following them. I'd like it if they could allow more friends to read what they write. SO, here's the question: Does anyone know of a KIDS' blogging site? I've searched, and it doesn't seem like one exists. The other option is to create their own Blogger accounts for them.

Also, I'm still having sort of an identity crisis about my blog. There is so much to write about that it seems messy to keep it all in one place. I'm the kind of person who wants everything categorized and organized. When I organize my recipes, I have a hard time deciding whether to put beef stew under "beef" or under "stews and soups". But since I started this blog, I have written about several different things.

I want to write for the sake of writing: I want to pay attention to writing well and expanding my writing ability.

However, when I write about depression or family issues, or even just random stuff, I don't necessarily pay attention to grammar and syntax.

In addition, I want to practice humorous writing, both purposefully and in incidentally in my writing about life issues (hey, what can be more entertaining than a girl with a mental disorder?)

Finally, I am a Christian. Jesus is my first love, and everything I think about or write about or do comes through the lens of Christianity. Yet, I don't think I come across as a Christian very often!

I asked my sister yesterday whether she thought I should have different blogs and her opinion was that it's ok to keep it all here in the same place. Thanks, K! :) And I have been trying to categorize my posts by labels, but even that is such a pain in the tush.

I just wonder if a new reader stops by my blog one day, and I have written something sarcastic and pissy and cynical, and then they come back the next day, when I happen to write something spiritual and Scriptural, would they think I have like multiple personality disorder or something???

Maybe I think too much. What do you think?


  1. My blog is really random: exercise, parenting struggles, ranting about service at one store or another, home remodeling, etc.

    If you're going for a niche market in blogging, they say to keep to one topic. But mine's a personal blog, so I say it's our right to talk about whatever we want to talk about! If people don't like it, they can go elsewhere. Right? :)

  2. The best part of blogging is that you get to have multiple personalities!! I say keep it all on one is who you are, no need to divide it up

  3. I say keep it all in once place Jen! My blog is all over the place too and it's ok. We are all very multi-faceted people and it's ok for others to see that.

  4. My blog is all over the place but Im not a very organised person. I wouldn't want to keep up with multiple blogs though. On the kid thing, I have no idea.

  5. I agree with Shortmama! I would keep it here! Cameron has a blog, and now Caden wants one. Cameron's blog is off my 2nd e-mail address. I guess I'll have to have a third e-mail address to set up one for Caden???


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