Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So, what do you do when you see someone famous out in public? OK, so maybe "famous" is a little exaggerated - let's just go with "local celebrity". I was picking out my favorite coffee at Horrocks Farm Market -"Jamaican Me Crazy" (sorry, Highlander Grogg, I have a new love) - when I noticed Sheri Jones, a news anchor from WLNS. As I violently shook the container to get every possible bean into my bag and still be able to close it, she asked me, "Is that your favorite coffee?" I thought she was just making polite conversation, but in retrospect, she might have been trying to calm the savage beast who was attacking the coffee canister in the middle of Horrocks. She may have been thinking to herself, "Wow, this lady really does not need any more coffee." Maybe she was about to recommend that I start drinking decaf when I blurted out, "Yes, yes it is my favorite coffee! It's my absolute favorite in the whole entire universe! I think everybody should drink it!" (Maybe I'm exaggerating, maybe I'm not. . . .) She said it's her favorite, too.

How about that? Sheri Jones and I have the same favorite coffee! If you know anything about me, you know that I have a passionate love affair with coffee, and anyone who enjoys coffee as much as I do is a kindred spirit.

OK, now back to my original question. (I admit that I have strayed a bit from my original topic, but that's because I'm working on my 3rd cup of Jamaican Me Crazy in my favorite oversized mug.)

How do you act when you see someone who is very recognizable? Do you a) pretend that you don't see them or that you don't know who they are? b) go over and excitedly say, "hi, I know who you are and you are so cool. Will you autograph my shopping list?" or c) Faint?

And then I wonder, do these people like to be recognized out in public? Do they just want to fade into the crowd and go about their business without being bothered, or do they like that people know who they are?

I wouldn't know. The closest I ever came to being a celebrity was when I did some campus ministry in several universities in the Philippines - I gave some talks and sang a few songs, but that's about it. And then, I think people mostly recognized me because I was white - kind of hard to miss that Michigan pallor amidst an equatorial people.

I told my husband about my interchange with Sheri Jones at Horrocks. He wasn't impressed. He wants to run into Lauren Thompson, the cute brunette anchor.


  1. Great post Jen :) I'd probably covertly stare at them but not say anything, and then kick myself later!

  2. BTW, before anyone decides to correct me and tell me that the Philippines is not on the equator, I know that, but you're missing the point.

  3. I love you and your love of coffee. Because I love it too!

    I act like a dork when I recognize someone. I've only run into a couple celebrities and they weren't HUGE or anything.

  4. I agree with the other Jen, I would be shy and then wish I had said hello later. Fun!!

  5. I think they like to go on about their normal lives. I have seen a few "celebrity" types and even got to talk to a few, but just like I would with anyone. No freak outs, no autographs and no faiting

  6. That coffee sounds great. Can you drink coffee and go to sleep? I get that from my Dad, who could have a pot of coffee and nap. I need a literal boatload before it will bother my sleep.

    Anyway, I saw Luke Perry and Rebecca Gayheart in a mall and did not say anything. I saw Lou Molinaro (like 30 years ago) and my sister said hi, he said hi back. That's all I can remember right now.

  7. I don't know if I have ever run into anyone famous. Sad, I know. I did see that girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding once, but pretended I didn't notice while I covertly followed her around the store - lol.


  8. Well, if you are me you don't know who they are.

    I did a baptism class for her - or some other local news "celebrity" (see, even now I don't recall the name, only that she and her husband were really nice!)

    So, making conversation at the beginning of the meeting, I ask, "And do you work out of the home?" And I could see in her eyes that something about that question was odd, then of course as she told me who she was/what she did, it was clear that she was not really USED to people not already knowing who she was.... I don't suppose my, "Well, i don't really watch TV" was all that encouraging either. But better than "I get all my news from Public Radio" which is the actual truth.


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