Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.

It also happens to be a Saturday, which is usually my day to sleep in. Not this morning. My children came in at an obscene hour and climbed all over me, saying, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy!" I couldn't be entirely angry with them, so I said, "Happy Valentine's Day. Now get out." So, they went off to play their Saturday morning video games. A while later, at a slightly less obscene hour, my 4-year-old wandered back in and started mauling me with hugs and kisses. He is such a lover-boy, and I usually appreciate his sweet little whispers into my ear. EXCEPT when I'm trying to sleep. I politely tried to turn him away several times until finally he said, "Mommy, I want some breakfast." I told him to go and ask Daddy. He went away for a few more minutes, only to come back to announce, "Mommy, I pooped in my pullup." Groan. . . .You'd think he'd bring me chocolate on Valentine's Day, not fudge.

Then came round 2, 3, and 4 - each of my older children successively came in, wondering how long I was going to sleep, when I was going to get up, and what I could get them for breakfast. My kids all somehow think that Dad's food-getting ability is rendered useless when I'm trying to sleep or do some other useful thing, despite the fact that he regularly makes brunch on the weekends and that he prepares spaghetti once a week.

So, I finally gave in and staggered downstairs some time between 9:30 and 10. My entire family KNOWS that the first thing I have to do is to get my coffee. I don't serve breakfast, I don't get dressed, I don't even answer questions without my coffee. Evan, the afore-mentioned 4-year-old, doesn't always comply with this rule, so he once again pointed out that he had pooped in his pullup. . .on accident. I ignored him, and as soon as I had coffee in hand, Hope, my 9-year-old, gathered everyone into the living room for a surprise. She ceremoniously handed out all of her Valentines to the family, and we had to open them and read them aloud, one by one.

While appreciating her thoughtfulness, I was still grumbling on the inside about the prospect of having to deal with a stinky pullup before I got to really enjoy my coffee. My ever-astute husband (actually, he's not very astute - it's more like he's just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding what I want after 12 years of marriage and my grumpiness) offered to clean up Mr. Poopy-pants. Sigh. . . I was finally enjoying my coffee.

Well, I was actually thinking about all that the day would entail - getting the house cleaned, getting groceries, and trying to make Valentine's Day somewhat special for my husband and children. I was also mildly annoyed that my husband could spend the whole day relaxing while I still had to go about my work. I didn't necessarily want or need him to do anything. . .I was just jealous that he has the luxury of actually relaxing on the weekends. (Yes, I'm working on this - he works hard too!)

I'm not sure why I was so crabby today. I'm not even close to PMS. But the day began to brighten when my husband called a sitter so we could go out and get lunch together. . . .AND get groceries. Fine with me - I really enjoy doing anything with my hubby. . . .and without my kids.

After our lunch date, we came home and gave our children Valentines and little hearts full of M&M's. As they thanked us, I was thinking, "Now they won't bug me for a while." An added bonus was that the babysitter had gotten the children to clean up their rooms while we were gone!

We told the kids to watch a movie and eat their treats while we took a "nap" (wink, wink).

Not such a bad Valentine's Day after all.

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