Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad News / Good News

So, the bad news is that my 2 oldest daughters have a fever and some coughing, sore throat, headache, etc. (I'm thinking influenza - we never got flu shots.) Faith is tired out and Evan has had erratic sleep, so we're all taking it slow today with the living room infirmary set up for the sickos. Their treat for sick days is that they get to watch movies all day and get waited on, hand and foot. So far, they've taken advantage of it to the hilt:

"Could I please have some tea? But bring me the water, tea bag and sugar, separately."

"I would just like some water with plenty of ice and a twist of lemon, please."

"I like my tea spicy. You have to leave the tea bag in long enough and add just enough sugar."

"Would you please get my pillow and blanket from upstairs and pull out the footrest on the couch?"

Yep, they know how to play it up. And of course, I'm happy to oblige. There's no one like Mommy when you're sick and need TLC.

Here's my bizarre confession (the "good" news): I like days like this. No, I do not like to see my children sick. I'm just thankful for the break in the busyness of life. Sickness usually means all of our obligations are cancelled. Being a homebody, I love not having to go anywhere.

I guess, too, in some way, it makes me feel most like a mom, when all my children are home and I can still meet all of their needs in a concrete way.

As time goes by, my children will need me less and less. I'm cherishing today, when I still get to be a Mommy.


  1. Sniff sniff! I know what you mean, Jen! Hope everyone heals up fast...but not too fast, of course. :-)

  2. The strangest thing happened. I tried going to your site twice and it was the layout and sidebar but no articles. I had to click on the archive to get this.

    Hope everything starts brightening up for you!

  3. Hm....I sure understand your feeling of "loving to be a mommy"....(and by the way, you can always have a "round two" like I did! But I don't like having the children sick because my view of "mommyness" does not involve the cossetting My mom's rule for being sick was - you were in your room. You could have an ice cube in a small cup (she'd give it to me in a half-cup measure.) and if you could eat, you'd get cream of mushroom soup. Maybe radio. No TV.

    So, that's my rule, too. Strangely, an ice cube in a cup and mushroom soup seem like signs of love to me.


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