Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poison Control

Had to call Poison Control yesterday. That makes once for each child, so hopefully that's it for the rest of their childhood.

All of my girls take 3 vitamins / supplements a day (doctor recommended/approved). I have pill boxes divided into days for each one of the girls so I can keep track of them. I had the day's pills on the counter for Faith, my 6-year-old, and I told her to get some juice and take them.

I went back to helping Joy with science when Faith said, "Mom, I didn't take the ones for Sunday or Monday this week." I told her it was OK and just to take the ones for today. About 5 minutes later, she appeared at my side with orange juice streaming down her big smiley face as she announced, "I took yesterday's too."

I was mildly alarmed and told her she shouldn't have taken two days' worth, and then she confessed she had taken Sunday's as well!

I said, "Faith, you can't take all those vitamins at once!" To which Faith responded, "I didn't. I took them one at a time." (I still can't believe that little thing swallowed 9 pills!)

Since her multi-vitamin contains iron, I called Poison Control to make sure she hadn't taken a toxic dose. To my relief, she hadn't.

She was sufficiently freaked out at the possibility of having to go to the ER that I'm sure she will never do that again!

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