Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I guess I'm boring

I'm still trying to figure out how to write a blog. So I was searching the web for tips and came across this article by Brian Ford at Newsvine, entitled "How to Write a Blog that People Actually Want to Read:

I'm a Mom, so I guess that rules out interestingness right away. OK, so that's not what he's saying. He even make s a nice little note at the bottom saying that he wasn't necessarily picking on Moms. He asks if all Moms could possibly be this boring and arrives at the conclusion that we probably aren't.

Find a niche, he says. Be interesting, he says. Ignite controversy, he says. Piss people off, he says.

All right, so I'm brainstorming. . . . ways to be interesting

ways to be "controversial"

ways to be "edgy"

OMG, I barely have the brain power to type. But I AM writing a blog, so I guess I'd better work a little harder.

Let's start with, "I'm a Christian." That should be enough to piss of a pretty huge segment of liberal-dom. Or better yet, "I'm a Roman Catholic." Where are the scathing comments? And, while I'm at it, "Yes, I am pro-life." And even, "Why, yes, I do think premarital sex is sin and that ANYONE WHO EVER DOES IT WILL BE DAMNED TO HELL!" LOL, I just embellished that last part. Because if that was the Truth, I would be damned to hell. (I didn't embellish the part about it being sin, which it is, if you believe in the Judeo-Christian God and the words He inspired to be written in the Holy Bible. However, I know that the damned to hell part isn't true, because there is a way out of any sin - His Name is JESUS!)

Obviously, I'm still kind of working on the random part. It's the way my robbed-of-brain-cells-by-multiple-pregnancies mind works. I'll try to rein it in so my reader (I'm hoping to make that plural soon) might have some idea of what she is in for when I create a new post. I'll try to stick to the main focus of this blog. . . as soon as I figure out what it is.

So, yeah, I'm a Mom, and I think I'm pretty interesting. So does my husband when he's had a few beers. (If you know my husband, you should be rolling on the floor laughing right now.)

In all honesty, I do appreciate Mr. Brian Ford's article. My sarcasm throughout this post has been due to the fact that I am feeling quite humbled by the task before me - to create a blog that people will actually want to READ! That, and I forgot to take my meds today.


  1. I didn't read the article, but I do know I go right away, FAST, from blogs that are upsetting in any way. Life is too short for that!

    Maybe he's writing about those political blogs that they quote from on Public Radio.

    I have a wonderful set of VERY divergent blogs on my blog roll. Mostly Mommy blogs...with two "missionary in Russia/Ukraine blogs".

    It is true, though, that the best mommy blogs do seem to have a sort of theme running through them, a point of view. For example, my blog is coming from the direction of adoptive mom. I once realized that I could have written a blog from the point of view of a Catholic Mom, or a DRE, or from various other viewpoints. But, I think blogs that do sort of stick to one set of "glasses" is more comfortable. If you follow it, you are bound to find all the posts interesting, for one thing. Not that all my blog friends don't diverge from their "usual path" sometimes, but there is a point of view.

    If you want to check out a blog from my blog roll that you might like, try Small Things With Great Love. Ginny is a wonderful Catholic convert, who homeschools. She is a lovely writer and admirable person. Just had a new baby, AND adopted two older boys from Ethiopia (I could I forget?) Anyway, you'll enjoy her.

  2. So far, so good! I've enjoyed every post so far. And so not boring...maybe cause my life can be so similiar!! LOL! Keep up the good work!


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