Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition - I'm Back!

{ae filkins}
Hi everyone - I'm back!

And not much to report. There is definitely progress, but not the kind I hoped for, which is loads of fat falling off me. I battled with major fatigue all summer. And I am still fighting it, but here are a few significant changes in my life that I hope will help:

1. My kids are in school! Hallelujah! I have time to myself and peace during the day.

2. It turned out the CPAP wasn't really helping me because I had extremely mild sleep apnea, so no more CPAP. I'm going to see my dentist about a dental device for mild sleep apnea. The sleep specialist prescribed a ton of sleep meds for me, but I decided to wait it out a little bit. After trying the CPAP and some sleep aids all summer, I thought I would go "au naturel" for a little while. With more down time, more time to exercise, and a better routine, I thought maybe I could get back into a good sleep pattern. I still have some bad nights, but last night was awesome! I think God is at work here!

3. My doctor discovered I have a Vitamin D and Vitamin B deficiency (rather, they're on the very LOW end of normal), so he gave me a B12 shot and I'm taking Vitamin D supplements. Also, I'm seeing an allergist tomorrow and hopefully that will be productive.

As I mentioned, I have more structure and more routine, which translates to more time to plan healthy foods, more time to do The Lord's Table devotional, and more time to exercise. So, good things are in place, and for a few weeks now, I have been consistently eating well and avoiding lots of junk food - LAST NIGHT, my hubby brought home DONUTS, and I simply said, "I shouldn't", and that was the end of it. God is really taking away my obsession with food and it's AWESOME!!!

I've been doing a 30-40 minute power walk most days.

As far as my goals to lose 40 lbs. by the time I turn 40, I'm thinking it's not so realistic any more because now I only have 4 months left, instead of the 8 months I had when I started, and I'm still battling the first 5 lbs. that keep yo-yo-ing! But I'm going to get healthy no matter what, and God is at work in my life, so I should be happy with that.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad that you're back!

    It sounds like things are really working out better and you have a good plan in place. It will take some really hard work and smart food choices but I think you can still make your goal...or very close!


  2. Sounds like you have a few postitive things working for you! Good luck on the weight loss I too am struggling with that. Have a fabulous Wednesday.

  3. It sounds like you're learning, tweaking and changing where you need in order to get where you want to go! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Good for you Jen! I'm glad you're feeling better and settling into some good sleep patterns too.

    Keep up the great work. I didn't have as much success with the donuts yesterday.

  5. I was having the same problem with the first 5lbs! I have finally pushed through it and am hoping it will continue on the losing side. I hope that you are able to get some good sleep because I know what a big difference that makes!

  6. You still have 4 months. Don't give up. Keep trying.

  7. Yay!! I'm so glad you're back! And so glad to hear that you're doing so well. Also so glad to hear they're figuring out some of your medical things.

    You're doing great girl!!

  8. You are doing so well! You can do it -- 4 months is still a good amount of time.

    I hope the allergist can help you feel even better. Keep up the good work!



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