Thursday, September 24, 2009


All right, so I have allergies. Nothing really exciting though. I thought it would be cool to be allergic to rice cakes or something so no one could ever try to make me eat one of those vile things again.

Mold, dust, and pet dander. Yup, those are the little devils that have been giving me sinus headaches (and probably migraines). That doesn't explain physical fatigue, but it does explain sleepiness and my head feeling like it's stuffed with fluff (yes, just like Winnie the Pooh).

So, the doc shoved several medications at me AND told me to come back weekly for allergy shots AND told me to try to minimize dust and mold in the house (ha ha, that's a good one) AND especially to eliminate dust from our bedroom (and I literally laughed out loud when he told me that).

This is supposed to be my semi-retirement, a time to take it easy, rest up and relax until all my health issues are resolved. Instead I have to CLEAN MY HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND ELIMINATE ALL DUST AND MOLD. (No, I'm not getting rid of the cats - I may just varnish them.) Wow, there go my slow-paced, coffee-drinking days.

Time to fire up the vacuum cleaner!


  1. Motherhood explains the fatigue. :-)

  2. Wear a mask when you vacuum - do you have one with a HEPA filter? Our new one does and is bagless - I went years without vacuuming (Kurt did it) - now I have no excuse! Teri

  3. I can relate to the dust allergies...they can be miserable. I dont take any medications unless they are really acting up but there are days I wake up and can barely breathe!

  4. My husband was diagnosed with those same allergies last winter. Not fun...we have so much cleaning going on around here now. I think it's actually made me even sicker, kicking all of that crap up!

    Good luck...hope the meds help out too.

  5. I hope you have a Dyson, like my little baby.

    I LOVE to vacuum.


    I do it every day that I'm at home.

    Can we still be friends?

  6. Bummer.

    My hubby and son have allergies and they are always acting up because I don't vacuum enough and because of my sister's dogs.

    Hang in there...and clean your house!

  7. A clean house is a happy house. And a clean huse makes a healthy MOMMY! :) Allergies are awful, sorry you're dealing with them.


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