Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fuddy Duddy

I guess I'm becoming an old fuddy-duddy. Last night, my mom, my kids and I went to Silver Bells in the City, Lansing's annual Christmas tree lighting celebration. It was a great deal of fun with an electric light parade that lasted an hour, the main event - the tree lighting - and a spectacular fireworks display over the dome of the capitol building. There were also horse-drawn wagon rides, hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts on every corner, and musical performances in many downtown buildings.

And Cody Simpson.

For the past few years, Lansing has hosted up-and-coming pipsqueaks to perform on the capitol steps. Last year, it was Josh Golden. I looked him up on google, and he's pretty cute, but he's only 16. He looks way more grown up than a 16-year-old should. I haven't heard any more about him since then, but my girls were pretty psyched to be right next to the capitol steps so they could see him from the side. He came out and started singing, dancing and lunging toward the crowd, at which point I saw his boxers.

 Girls behind me were yelling, "I love you Josh!", and "I want to marry you, Josh".

After many years of yelling practice, I was able to shout above everyone, "Pull your pants up, Josh!"

Back to Cody Simpson. I looked him up online to see who he was - at least I'd heard of him before. He is a little kid, people. He probably still plays with legos and wears underoos. Doesn't he look like the kid next door who comes over to ask if your 7-year-old can come out and play?