Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Tis the Season to Be Coughing *hack, hack*

Early in October, I got a flu shot.

Early in November, I got a cold. It's been too long since I've had influenza to remember how much worse it is, but I'm sure it's much worse, so I'm glad I got the flu shot. But I still feel crummy. Even though my fever is "not as high" as with the flu, and my cough is "more mild" than with the flu, I still feel rotten. I'm sure with the flu, I would feel as if I've been run over by a truck, whereas, with this cold, I feel like I've been run over by a lightweight mini-van. Whatever the differentiation is, I still don't feel as if I can carry on my daily duties, although This Website says that you can. OK, so maybe I *can* carry on my daily activities, as long as I carry around my wad of kleenex, my bag of cough drops, and my spittoon for the occasional junk that I hack up. Here, I would like to thank the makers of Mucinex for the vivid imagery of the globs of junk that are having a party in my lungs right now. On a positive note, Mucinex does seem to do the trick of "breaking up thick mucus in the lungs and trachea".

To learn more about Mucinex, please visit their website:

Sorry, I got carried away and felt as if I were doing a commercial for Mucinex. . . .So, the stuff works, maybe a little too well, and it also tastes like garbage - even the pills that you swallow leave the nasty residue on your tongue so that you gag and cack for the next 20 minutes, which does wonders for the coughing reflex.

It's most disturbing that this cold has led me to have to take a few days off of work, which would normally be a nice break, but it's too busy at work for me to get away peacefully. So instead of resting peacefully, I feel like a fugitive, escaping the demands of the work day only until I am well enough to return, at which point I will probably still not feel 100%, but I will have 3 times the work piled up and waiting for me.

Lord willing, this will be the only major virus that overtakes our family for a long time and we will have a peaceful holiday season. With any luck, I won't be writing a post entitled "Tis the season to be puking, *barf-barf-barf-barf baaarf, barf-barf, barf, barf".

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