Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Here

My goal is to post on my blog every day. Please believe me. It's just that. . . .well, I don't know. I have tons of ideas and many happenings about which to write. It just takes a lot of brain power to make that happen in a coherent way. So, I end up not posting at all.

This is how winter is for me. I love the changing of the seasons. I love the beauty of the fall and the thrill of the first snow. And from what I hear, the first snow was a lot more thrilling for some than for others - most people got blizzards. We got a pathetic dusting of snow and a Winter Weather Advisory, which basically means, "Don't forget how to drive in the snow, you moron."
But I still enjoy winter for the snow and Christmas and the festivity of it all. What really stinks is that I'm usually depressed for much of it.

How can that be? Well, I "enjoy" winter. But I haven't much energy. Because I am a delicate flower that needs sunlight and warmth to survive. But the sunlight has gone away and may not return until sometime next July. So, despite my love for the season, my body rebels by going into hibernation mode and all I want to do is sleep all the time. And my brain shuts down, too. I mean, who needs higher brain functions when they're hibernating, right? And so it goes: my desires and my actual level of functioning are in conflict with one another.

So, please understand that it's nothing personal. I'm just hibernating.


  1. I am totally with you on the winter hibernating. Especially today, the "high" is going to be 7. SEVEN IS NOT A HIGH OF ANYTHING! On top of our 14 feet of snow yesterday, forget it.
    btw, YOur new fb pic is pretty!

  2. Hibernating sounds nice...but I'm sure it does get tiring, no pun intended.

    Hope you are feeling better soon Jen!

  3. Id like to pretend Im hibernating so I can overindulge in food first!

  4. Hm....I was feeling down and depressed the other day by the weather, the Christmas expectations, the overload at work, and suddenly thought, "I wonder how Jen copes with this - if she has any advice." Good advice; I just don't think I can take it.


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