Monday, October 19, 2009

The Worst Tantrum I've Ever Witnessed

Tantrum: a violent demonstration of rage or frustration.

You know. . . kicking, screeching, banging fists, growling, writhing, spewing pea soup (oh, wait, that's demonic possession, but some tantrums do leave me wondering whether an exorcism is in order).

Yes, we had a complete meltdown in our family today. I won't mention the name of this child - I will just call her "Daughter X". And when I say meltdown, I mean a tantrum of cataclysmic proportions, which left Daughter X a shuddering, sobbing mess and left her whimpering for a good half-hour after the torrent of tears had subsided.

I will give you some time to guess what caused this horrendous outburst. So just keep guessing while you scroll on down. . . .

(I love doing this. . . .)

(Making you wait. . . . )

(Have you guessed yet?)

OK, here it is: Daughter had a thermonuclear meltdown because:

Yes, you read that right. She pierced my eardrums and gave herself a hoarse voice because, I repeat: WE DIDN'T GET FLU SHOTS TODAY.

Is my daughter mentally ill? (Sometimes I do wonder.) No, I had promised the kids we would get Frosties from Wendy's after we got flu shots. You know, a little bribery to help them put on a brave face. It totally backfired. See if I ever try to bribe my children again.


  1. LOL of all the things to have a fit about!

  2. Too funny! Larkspur is always telling me she wants to "get a shot" so that she can get ice cream afterwards! Out of all my kids she is the only one that doesn't even flinch when they plunge that needle in her leg.

  3. Oh no! You forgot to threaten them! Its called Bribe AND Threaten Parenting, I invented it.
    I am considering putting the archdiocese on speed-dial, would you like me to mention you next time I call for an exorcism?

  4. Oh, poor Jen! My kids will have their tantrums when we get their flu shots - I am dreading it. In fact, I think the hubs should have to take them this year :)

  5. Well, they ARE pretty tasty... ;)


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