Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Guess Mommies ALWAYS Spoil Their Babies

My mom has been here for the past week, visiting from the wilds of Northern Michigan. And while she was here, she spoiled me rotten. (It could be that she was in such a good mood from staying in a house with central heating and indoor plumbing.)

We went shopping almost every day. Teensy weensy little problem: We ain't got no money! Never fear - super mommy was here! Actually, I did manage to squeeze a little bit out of our tighter-than-a-fat-guy-wearing-spandex-shorts budget to find some really good bargains at 2nd hand stores (like a winter coat for $1.25 for one daughter who seems to outgrow her clothing weekly). Other than that, my mommy treated me to breakfasts, lunches, and bras. Yup, you read that right - BRAS!

Mom knows money is pretty tight because my hubby is employed in the auto industry ('nuff said). So, I guess she felt the urge to spoil me. It's hard not to feel like a mooch, but I really am very grateful, especially for the new bras. I think she got the idea to treat me to some new undergarments when she was helping me fold laundry and came across my old bras, which had no remaining elasticity whatsoever, and strangely made me think of The Saggy Baggy Elephant every time I put them onh.

Mommy also spoiled my kids with treats and cold hard cash, the way all grandmas do.

I love being the spoiled kid once in a while.


  1. Moms are the best, and us kids need them no matter what age we are!

  2. New bras make me feel like a new woman! Glad your Mom is there to spoil you and the kids - hopefully this economy will get turned around sooner rather than later :( I LOVED your spandex comment!

  3. What a great mom! A new bra makes you feel like a new woman, don't ya think? Yay for moms!

    I'm going out with mine tomorrow!



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