Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bubble Butt, Thunder Thighs, Muffin Top

Be very jealous - I got 'em all, baby!  But not for long. 

You guessed it.  This is my semi-annual attempt to lose weight.  You may remember 190 or Ouch! or  Running.  Every single time, I was bound and determined to lose weight, get in shape and become a runner. 

I've had this blog for 5 years, and I've written about "trying" to get in shape about 5,000 times. 

I have yet to follow through.

But this time is different.  I feel it in my bones.  I'm fed up with being overweight, under-energized, and most of all, I recently discovered this disgraceful fact:

I currently weigh more. than. my. father. 

Shut up and quit laughing. 

I should focus on the positive  here.  I mean, way to go, Dad!  I'm proud of you for losing weight.  But I kind of hate you, too.

Anyway, if that's not enough motivation to make it stick this time, I don't know what is....


  1. One time I got the book "Diets Don't Work"; I have no idea who it is by, but it did work for me and pretty much kept working until the last five years or so.... Just a thought.

    Now I should care more, but I don't.

  2. And you did good today by not drinking a diet pop!!!

  3. Good luck, Jen! You can do it:)


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