Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, if you've been with me for a while, then you may remember OUCH!, a post that I wrote about my insane decision to start running. That post was written written 17 months ago. Shortly afterward, I gave up running because it hurt too much. Literally. My hip just wouldn't forgive me, so I figured that I just wasn't cut out to be a runner. But recently, it occurred to me that I should give it another try, but first try to strengthen my hips and other joints that might decide to complain.

I'm following a program called Couch Potato to 5K. It is a fitting title since I certainly identify with "Couch Potato" far more than "5K". My goal isn't even to run in a 5K race or any other race for that matter - I just want to be able to run down the block without getting winded. I regularly see runners and it looks like such a free and fun form of exercise. They go faster and farther than I have ever dreamed of going, even with power walking. I aspire to be like them, running like a gazelle through the woods and valleys, without a care in the world. Never mind the fact that I will never have a runner's body since I am barely over 5 feet tall and weigh much more than a gazelle.

My daughters and I started this program while I was visiting my family in the Upper Peninsula. I figured it would be better to get started on gravel rather than pavement because gravel is a little "softer". That, and no one would see me. I have to give my body credit because it is bouncing back better than I thought it would. It was my knee, not my hip, that has been groaning this time, but I bought a knee brace, and I've used liberal amounts of ice.

Still, so far, I'm not feeling like a gazelle. It feels more like I'm hurling 50-lb. sacks of potatoes onto the pavement with each step. But I am slowly but surely increasing my endurance, as measured by the fact that I'm hyperventilating less and less.

However, I feel that something is different this time. I think (I hope, I pray) that I am absolutely determined to show myself that I can do it! I feel pretty good about it since I've made it a week and a half and I haven't quit yet.


  1. Jen running is addictive! The more you do it, the farther you can go, the better you feel :) If you can, get some glucosamine for your joints, I think it can make a big difference. Also make sure you're warming up before and stretching after. Two years ago I used to be able to just get up and go early in the AM, and then I started getting shin splints & foot problems, but stretching (yoga!) is the best. Just be careful, and it doesn't hurt to throw in some walking with the running :)

  2. Jen ~ good for you!! Really I use to hate(and I mean HATE) running but after training for the tri, its not so bad. Just make sure you have good running shoes! I can always tell when I need to get new ones. (hips hurt/feet hurt) Mine might last a year at most and I run 3 miles 2x a week. (along with going to the Y for different classes)
    Good Luck! Wanda

  3. Yea! I LOVE the c25k plan. I start week 5 today!!! I have never ran before this, but I'm loving it. Keep it up!!


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