Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thoughts on becoming a regular blogger again. . . . .I seem to be suffering from blogger constipation. For days, weeks, months, I was prolifically writing about anything and everything and then suddenly, I'm stopped up. Can't find a darn thing to say or the time to say it. That's because of the whole new element I've added to the diet of my life, which is work. Now, you might think that makes work sound bad, but au contraire, think about it: The foods that tend to not do our digestive systems well are the ones that are usually the most pleasurable. It's the roughage of broccoli and flax seeds that get the plumbing going, right? But we don't enjoy them nearly as much as a gooey piece of chocolate cake.

So, I am indeed enjoying the cause for my blogging backup - I'm still in the honeymoon phase of the job - where I actually can't wait to get to work in the morning (part of that is just the fun of escaping from the kids) and I am genuinely disappointed when the work day comes to an end.

I think I need to gradually work the roughage of life back into my blogging arena. It's usually the stressful situations that end up being the best fodder for a blog post written with wit and sarcasm.

Besides, I can't poke fun at my new job yet, since I'm still only a temporary employee.

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  1. Blogger constipation - I'm dying!!!!!!!! Miss you, Jen :)


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