Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trampoline Incontinence

Yes, you read that right: TRAMP-O-LINE IN-CON-TIN-ENCE! It's just one of the many maladies that I suffer as I begin to age. My children like to jump on the neighbor's trampoline, but I need to be there to supervise them. And who can stand by a trampoline with giggling, squealing children flying through the air and not want to participate? So, on rare occasion, I hop on for some good old-fashioned airborne fun. But much to my chagrin, with every jump, there's a *leak*, *dribble*, *squirt*. I could have just emptied my bladder with every available muscle, and still some tags along for the ride.

It's sad enough that I can't jump on a trampoline without wearing a women's hygiene item, but now the problem has leaked into other areas of my life (ha ha, get it? Leaked!), such as:

Carrying the laundry up the stairs

Carrying the laundry down the stairs

Picking up a child

Sneezing and coughing

Grocery shopping

Watching TV


Sitting at the computer, writing on my blog. . . .oops - gotta go!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! When we do jumping jacks at the gym, I have to concentrate and squeeze *down there* to control it...and sometimes I'm not successful :( Is it getting older, too much caffeine, or too many babies?? Hmmm, I'll never know!

  2. Well, normally I would not say anything here, but since you brought it up..... There are exercises you can do and such. I believe there is even physical therapy things that involve weights, yes weights *ahem* there. If you havent mentioned the problem to your doctor, he/she might have some things to try.
    It is all the result of having children. They burn you from top to bottom and all the ways in between!!!

  3. Your so funny! Yep, happened here too on a trampoline...You have me cracking off I go squeezing my legs together to the restroom! Geez thanks!

  4. Sneezing is dangerous for me as well if I don't cross my legs! lol!

  5. You have undoubtedly greatly relieved many an aging mother here. I have the same problem, and of course thought I was ALONE. Have not tried jumping jacks lately. So far, the trampoline is the only activity contraindicated.

  6. My family are love to play on trampoline, it bring lots of fun to our family. We exchange 12ft to 16ft lifespan trampoline so me and kids can play on the trampoline together, my husband stand by trampoline as supervisor. I never feel that age is problem for playing on trampoline.

  7. The title alone is a story! funny how you think to yourself "that won't be necessary" as the nurse informs us new moms about kegel exercises and many children later you're now thinking, "dang, if only I'd taken the nurse seriously..."


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