Monday, November 30, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Today, I'm joining Amber for Friend Makin' Monday. I like doing these posts because then I don't have to think of something to write about. :) Visit Amber at aefilkins because her blog is so stinkin' cute, and there will be many others posting on this topic too, if you're looking for other bloggers to stalk read.

So, this week's Friend Makin' Monday's topic is a simple survey, which is great because I love to talk and blog about myself. I'm a closet narcissist.

OK, here goes.

1. Favorite Website: Facebook

2. Favorite color: Turquoise

3. Facebook? Yes, I love having FB friends! Jennifer Rivard Yarrington

4. Favorite Christmas song? Let it Snow

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Fake, much to my chagrin, but the hubby thinks real ones are too much of a pain to put up.

6. Hottest celebrity? Patrick Stewart and Patrick Dempsey (hee hee - got a thing for the Patricks I guess.) I don't know whether I should admit that I think Zac Efron is hot because I am old enough to be his mother older sister.

7. Favorite restaurant? Mountain Jack's, although there hasn't been one in my town for about 10 years. :(

8. Favorite magazine? Reader's Digest

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Eggnog, of course, usually with a little something "extra".

10. Favorite Christmas movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


  1. haha.. I love your hottest celebrity answer!
    & I love that turquoise is your favorite color! hehe

  2. Oh I too love Christmas Vacation!

  3. Great list Jen! I love eggnog too but will have to skip the 'something extra' this year!

  4. I forgot all abot National Lampoon's Christmas, so fuuny!!

  5. My hubby is the same about the tree!

    I swear Zac Efron looks just like my ex boyfriend (why did I let him go again??) heehee!

  6. Christmas Vacation is such a classic!

  7. It's funny how many people love Facebook. I know I do!! :)

  8. We DO have a lot in common! I'm with you on the something "extra" in the Egg Nog! Yum!

  9. I am a closet Zac Efron fan too! Happy FMM!!

  10. I think Zac Efron is so cute but I am kind of embarrassed as I am so much older than him! Happy Monday!

  11. Great List! Eggnog is the best! Happy FMM!

  12. What a fun theme! I love turquoise too - so pretty! And National Lampoons Christmas is so funny. I haven't seen it in so long!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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