Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanks to My Readers

I have a small blog. Nothing big and fancy. No bells and whistles. No fantastic giveaways.

I just love to write.

But when I write, it's kind of nice to have someone read it. So, I'm grateful for my small band of followers (of whom I lost a few since I've taken some extended blogging breaks. . . oh well.) But what's really cool is having people come up to me in real life and say, "I enjoy reading your blog." That always inspires me to keep writing when I wonder whether writing is worth it. I mean, it is worth it to me because I love writing, but is it worth stressing myself out about creating a blog post when no one is going to read it, or I could just be writing in a notebook? (naaahhh, typing is much easier).

So, thanks to those of you who follow me and comment, because I love to know if my blog is reaching anyone. And thanks to those who go out of their way to approach me and say, "Your blog is great." Because I enjoy writing, and I especially enjoy writing for you.


  1. I don't know where these blogs are with "fantastic giveaways". I have not happened on one, or went away as quick as I arrived, because that doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'm looking for. I'm looking for communication person-to-person. I don't expect to sit down with a friend and have them offer any fantastic giveaway! Well, that's not true - my friends with boys often offer a fantastic bag of hand-me-downs! But that's the limit.

  2. I don't have very many "IRL" people who read my blog, so comment are all I have, and I LOVE them!

  3. I'm still here!! I got off the comment train for Lent, and I have been limiting my time since. I usually speed read tons of blogs and don't leave comments, sorry :) Just wanted you to know you are read and loved!


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