Monday, August 3, 2009



How can it be August already? I mean, seriously, someone must have put me in a time machine and fast forwarded to August. I've been waiting for summer to start - you know, the relaxing, the sipping lemonade under the shade of a backyard tree, the floating lazily in the pool. . . .

Instead, it seems like it's been a flurry of activity, from one obligation to the next. And now it's August. Is it time to relax yet? Maybe. . . .for a day or two. Then begins the work of getting ready for school: filling out paper work for school lunches, finding uniforms, meeting teachers, kindergarten roundup, etc. And what kind of school supplies do they need???

The only respite I have to look forward to - blessed be God, this is different from other years - is the peace I will have once the kids are in school. I am so relieved to not be planning homeschool lessons!

My summer vacation will come eventually.

This year it will start in September.


  1. I am with you! My summer break starts Wednesday when my oldest goes back to school! Will still have my 19 month old at home obviously but at least during naps I get some peace and quiet!

  2. I may be feeling discontent with MY life if I read any more of this stuff!

    Anyway, I know better. Homeschooling is a DREAM compared to homework. You will have only a few hours a day with your children and THEY are in charge of it. I can recall Craig and I drawing lots for who would do that last assignment for a sobbing child we finally insisted go to bed, and which of us would go to Meijers at 11 p.m. for the big piece of tagboard for the project that I had to have someone get up early to do. I HATE homework. Can you tell?

  3. I'm with you there Jen! I am hoping we can find some time for summer fun in August since it's all we have left now!

    Glad you will have some time for yourself when school starts!


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