Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 1996

Rewind to Valentine's Day 1996. Al and I had been friends for 6 years, and it was obvious to me that he wanted to be more than friends. We had dated once before, but I had thought we could only be friends. I just didn't think he was the "one" for me. But God had been working on my heart, slowly helping me to realize all the ways that Al was so good for me. He was always taking care of me, serving me and loving me in practical ways, like taking my car to get an oil change and then getting the interior cleaned as well. That's exactly what happened on Valentine's Day 1996. I was at my job as a preschool teacher. Al came to get my car so he could get the oil changed. When he returned the car, he gave me my keys and we said, "see you later" since we'd be going out with a group of friends for ice cream later in the evening.

I had to close that night. I said good-bye to the last children and I tidied up the Childcare Center a bit before locking up. It was a beautiful winter night. Snow was falling quietly in soft, huge flakes. The sky was lit up by the snow, so it was a relatively bright walk out to my car. When I got to my car, there was a snow covered carnation tucked into the windshield wiper. This was nothing new, and it wasn't even much of a gift on Al's part, since the dealership gave out free carnations with every oil change. But that simple little gesture, along with a small note from Al, asking me if he could treat me to ice cream, was all it took for Al to finally win my heart. I took the flower and the note and sat in my car and cried for joy. I knew Al loved me, and I had been falling in love without even knowing it!

Shortly after that, I told Al I was ready to pursue a "more-than-friends" relationship with him, to which his response was, "YESSSSSS!" Four months later we were engaged, and five months after that, we were married.

I'm so glad that God - and my husband - kept after me until I realized how good Al would be for me!

(Reposted from 3 years ago.)

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